Veldana Medical offers proprietary medical devices as well as licensed devices in its product portfolio.

Delmont Imaging



Provider of obstetric gynecologists with innovative, effective and less traumatic solutions for all patients. DELMONT’s products are dedicated  to diagnostic and surgical procedures on the uterus.

ACUBLO is used  Clear vision is obtained

Acublo systemTM

Acublo is a Medical Device intended to keep a clear vision during laparoscopic surgery.

Cavaterm systemTM

The solution of choice for the treatment of Utering Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (HMB).

FMWand products


Omniguide’s FMW is an intelligent thermal dissection device that precisely cuts and coagulates with a fraction of the tissue injury compared to monopolar electrosurgery, without passing any electrical current through the patient.

In 1998, a group of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology revealed a simple solution to a seemingly impossible problem – how to reflect and channel CO2 laser energy through a hollow-core flexible fiber. Today, OmniGuide is based in Lexington, MA USA and remains committed to patient safety by continuously innovating our core technology to deliver advanced surgical solutions for surgeons and their patients.


OMNIGUIDE Surgical’s CO2 laser technology delivers precision in difficult to reach areas, while significantly limiting collateral thermal damage.